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NFL Week 11 Picks: Who the experts are taking in Steelers vs. Titans

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The Pittsburgh Steelers are on the road in prime time in Week 11 against the Tennessee Titans. See who the experts are taking in the matchup.


Coming off a game where every expert that makes a pick selected the Pittsburgh Steelers to rout the New York Jets in Week 10, nothing is certain anymore with this team. This week, the experts make their selections once again, but this time picking the Week 11 matchup against the Tennessee Titans on Monday Night Football in Nashville, TN.

The experts have made their selections, and it is time to dive into the results and see who they like in this matchup of AFC rivals.

Our friends here at SB Nation weighed in on the game, but before getting to the picks, writer Katie Sharp had this to say about the Steelers, and how they have become one of the more difficult teams to predict this season.

The biggest upset last week came at the Meadowlands where the New York Jets shocked the Pittsburgh Steelers, 20-13, a game that none of our experts picked correctly. However, perhaps we should have predicted this letdown game by the Steelers, who have shown a curious tendency to fall flat against the league's basement dwellers. Since the 2012 season, Pittsburgh is 3-10 against teams that enter the game with a win percentage of .200 or worse, and 19-10 versus everybody else. That's just horrible.

The Steelers will be on upset alert again this week when they travel to Tennessee to take on a 2-7 Titans team that is arguably one of the worst in the league. Pittsburgh can't afford another crushing loss if they want to remain competitive in an AFC North that is shaping up to have one of the wildest division races in NFL history. With the Steelers and Ravens occupying last place at 6-4, the AFC North is the first division in which every team is at least two games above .500 at any point in the season since the 1935 NFL Western Division.

With that being said, the SB Nation panel of experts still picks the Steelers as unanimous winners against the Titans on Monday night, and they aren't alone in that sentiment.

The folks at, and on Yahoo! Sports all think the Steelers are going to win the game soundly as they all pick Pittsburgh to win the game and advance their record to 7-4 heading into their bye week.

There are some who think another upset is in the cards for the Steelers. At, experts Pete Prisco and Ryan Wilson both believe the Titans will rise up and defeat the Steelers on their home turf sending them into the bye week at 6-5, losing back-to-back games for the first time this season and possibly dropping into the basement of the AFC North.

The Steelers roller coaster season continues and predicting the outcome of their games truly seems to be a stab in the dark. Nonetheless, in the eyes of the experts, this game should be going to the Steelers.

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