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Titans defensive coordinator Ray Horton knows what the Steelers are doing, says Todd Haley thinks he knows what he's doing

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No surprises will face the Titans' defense against the Steelers' offense on Monday in Week 11. And Titans' defensive coordinator Ray Horton feels Todd Haley will think he knows what the Titans do.

Christian Petersen

It's not exactly bulletin board material, unless that bulletin board is adorned by pictures of Sigmund Freud.

Titans defensive coordinator Ray Horton has the confidence befitting his position. He may not intentionally be playing coy in regard to his team's game plan when the Titans host the Steelers on Monday Night Football, but the way his quote is recorded, it grabs some attention.

"For the most part, this whole season, nobody has surprised us," Horton said, according to ESPN Titans reporter Paul Kuharsky. "I know what they do and, on the other side of the ball, Coach [Todd] Haley will think he knows what we will do also. There won’t be any surprises."

As stated, many people would agree with that statement. Haley will think he knows what the opponent will do. When that's preceded by Horton's assertion he knows what the Steelers do on offense, one might get the impression Horton feels quite confident. And sure, why not? Horton's been around, he knows the game.

But Haley only will think he knows what Tennessee will do.

One would be hard-pressed to claim the Steelers' offense hasn't had more success this year than Tennessee's defense, and while Haley certainly deserves criticism for a few of the Steelers' performances this year (Week 10 was particularly baffling), he'd be unwise to ignore what the offense as a whole has shown it can do in a few other games.

They rushed for 264 yards against Carolina in Week 3. Tennessee is among the worst rushing defenses in the NFL - ranked 29th while allowing 136.6 yards per game on the ground.

To Horton's credit, the former Steelers' secondary coach gets a good amount of production out of the Titans' pass defense, ranked 11th overall, allowing 232 yards per game. Granted, they've only seen 304 pass attempts in nine games, the 25th highest mark in the league.

Horton likely didn't mean anything by his comments, but it's fun to hear from the former Steelers' coach. Perhaps Haley will take it upon himself to show Horton, as well as doubting fans, that he knows what he's doing.

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