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Titans vs. Steelers: How cold will LP Field be at kickoff?

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For all Steelers fans heading to LP Field in Nashville on Monday night, bundle up. A blustery and chilly primetime game awaits you.

Frederick Breedon

Tennessee isn't generally known as the coldest state in the Union. LP Field isn't typically the worst venue in terms of cold weather.

Monday night, when the Steelers hit the field to take on the Titans in a big AFC showdown, it will likely be the coldest game the Steelers have played yet this season.

A nasty 14 m.p.h. wind kicking around the stadium, along with a 26-degree temperature, will drop wind chills down into the single digits. That will likely work more against the recently pass-happy Steelers when facing the run-positive Titans. The fewer passes Titans rookie quarterback Zach Mettenberger has to make, the better off the Titans will be.

So in their case, the colder the better. That doesn't necessarily work against the Steelers, but a pass-heavy game plan might face some problems. Perhaps they shouldn't be passing anyway, considering the Titans are among the worst rushing defenses in the NFL.

The Steelers will wear their black jerseys, something the Titans often concede when playing at home. In earlier years, the Steelers would play at Tennessee early in the year when that brutal Tennessee sun would beat down on the home blacks the Steelers would wear. There won't be any advantage for the hosts on Monday but, since the Steelers have been far better at home than on the road, perhaps there's a boost to be found there.

Anything to keep warm will be appreciated.