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5 Reasons the Steelers will beat the Titans in Week 11

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Reasons why the Steelers should improve to 7-4 with a big road win over an old nemesis, the Tennessee Titans.

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Ground 'n Pound

The Titans' defense is soft against the run. Ignore the fact that the Steelers have only averaged 2.8 yards per carry against Tennessee in their last two meetings, both Titans' wins. Pittsburgh will get its sagging running game going against an overwhelmed opponent that can't defend the line of scrimmage as well as the Steelers' past two opponents, the Jets and the Ravens. Le'Veon Bell will be a factor in this game, used early and often, and the Steelers will establish possession and use a ball-security strategy to milk the game away.

The Bad Berger

Zach Mettenberger is a rookie and he looks like a rookie. Despite suggestions that he can make every throw, based on his film so far this year, he seems to miss the all-important stat of throws made during the game. It's not even an issue of his throws, but the fact he takes so long to make them. He's a slow decision-maker and this flaw ultimately takes the Titans' passing offense out of contention. The Steelers' defensive scheme is built to feast on quarterbacks who can't properly diagnose what's coming and those who hang onto the ball too long. It should be a rough night for the rookie.

One Dimension

In the same vein, the Steelers' defense can handle offenses that only do one thing well. The Titans are a quality running team with a good run-blocking offensive line. The Steelers' defense and their pass-rush in particular, should feel confident in their ability to load up against the run because the Titans won't be able to throw their way out of it. Expect a lot of run-blitzing and box-stacking, and with that, a few takeaways and sacks.


The Steelers squandered an opportunity to take sole possession of first place last week, losing to an underwhelming Jets team. Now, they'll be on the outside looking in, heading into their bye week, should they lay another road egg. Their sense of urgency should be properly ratcheted up for this game and this should have been evident all week in practice. Considering where the contenders in the AFC North are - Cincinnati 6-3-1 and Cleveland and Baltimore at 6-4, the Steelers are as close to a must-win game as they can be tonight.

Brown has no weather restrictions

Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown can't be stopped by anyone but himself. We saw that last week when he put up his worst performance of the season - eight catches for 74 yards. The Titans don't have the pass-rush capability that the Jets do, and Brown, who fumbled twice (once on a punt return, once after a reception), clearly was off of his game last week. We shouldn't expect to see something like that again, and he should take advantage of a colder field. His numbers didn't fall off at all last season when the temps dropped, and no one else has really stopped him this year. He should have another big game.

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