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Alejandro Villanueva will serve as Steelers' honorary captain vs. Titans

The Steelers are showing their appreciation for the work of the Army Ranger-turned-offensive lineman by letting the practice-squad player serve as captain for their Monday Night game vs. Tennessee.

Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

The titan of a man taking the coin toss for the Steelers is practice-squad offensive linemen Alejandro Villanueva, an Army Ranger, a veteran and a former defensive lineman and tight end.

It's hard to find anyone with a more diverse or impressive background than the West Point graduate. The Steelers are sending a message of appreciation on Monday, allowing Villaneuva the opportunity to travel with the team and serve as the team's honorary captain prior to the Steelers vs. Titans game.

Villanueva's chances of making the Steelers' roster aren't great, but the presence of a decorated military veteran has to serve as some level of inspiration. Perhaps that's part of the reason he's accompanying the team for this game.

His is a truly inspiring story and one worthy of remembrance in the month of Veteran's Day. It's because of that we expect him to correctly call the toss and take the ball this week.