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Bengals' punter Kevin Huber upgrading his facemask for game vs. the Steelers

Cincinnati Bengals' punter Kevin Huber took to Twitter joking about upgrading his facemask before playing the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

At least Cincinnati Bengals punter Kevin Huber has a sense of humor. As the Bengals prepare to face the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday at Paul Brown Stadium, Huber took to Twitter to talk about upgrading his facemask before the game.

Huber is clearly joking about the change, but he's referencing the hit by Terence Garvin when the Bengals lost to the Steelers last season at Heinz Field, where Garvin's hit (pictured above) broke Huber's jaw and knocked him out of the game.

The Steelers played that game with a purpose in 2013, and were determined to bring the physicality to the Bengals in a last-ditch effort to save their potential playoff lives.

This season the Steelers' playoff situation isn't nearly as dire, but a strong performance on Sunday in Cincinnati is necessary to remain in the driver seat in terms of the AFC North divisional race and the AFC playoff picture.

A couple big plays in the special teams game, as was the case for Pittsburgh in 2013, will certainly do the trick. Let's just hope Huber doesn't nearly get decapitated in 2014 as he nearly was last season.

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