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Which Bengals player would you want on the Steelers?

Cincinnati has an overabundance of talent on their team, two players in particular.

Joe Robbins
There are many from which to choose.

The two most obvious are defensive tackle Geno Atkins and wide receiver A.J. Green. Atkins has three sacks of Ben Roethlisberger in the last two games these teams have played. Green had 11 catches, including the game-sealing grab late in their meeting in Week 16.

The sentimental attachment to James Harrison makes him an alluring option, although not enough to ignore Atkins or Green. Kevin Zeitler, the second guard drafted in 2012, a few spots after the Steelers took David DeCastro, is also intriguing.

Giovanni Bernard might be a fun guy for whom to draw up schemes.

Cincinnati has a lot of players who would do pretty well for themselves in the Steelers' uniforms. Gone are the days when talent was at a premium in that organization. The Steelers get to see the force of that talent Monday when they take on the Bengals in Week 2. We're quietly hoping Green and Atkins come down with the 24 hour flu or something. We're also not banking on that being a likely scenario. The rules also state we only get one, so we're going with Green.

A nearly unparalleled combination of size, explosion and speed, Green, scary as it is, will only improve as a player. While Calvin Johnson has the bulk, Green is built more like Randy Moss – long, lanky but still strong. He’s a mismatch for any defensive player he faces, leaving Pittsburgh with little choice but to employ a Ladders and Land Mines defense against him Monday.

That isn’t likely to stop him, either, and expect the Bengals to look to hit Green deep early in that game.

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