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Jilted Jonathan Dwyer needs to keep the chip on his shoulder for the sake of the Steelers running game

Former and current Steelers running back Jonathan Dwyer was understandably upset after the Steelers broke up with him, only to come running back a week later. He needs to keep the resentment he expressed immediately following his release for the sake of the team.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

The vast majority of people are speaking more about revenge than enthusiasm after they get dumped.

Stands to reason Jonathan Dwyer tweeted an ominous message of warning to the Steelers not long after he was released from the team.

He's singing a different tune now, as his former lover, the Steelers, re-signed him in wake of the loss of LaRod Stephens-Howling for the season.

He told Brown, "This is my choice. I wanted to come back. I knew I would have another opportunity, and I want to prove myself."

Maybe the Steelers want Jilted Dwyer instead of Choosing Dwyer. Maybe they need that shoulder chip of which he spoke.

The size of that chip hasn't necessarily been Dwyer's issue in his career. The issue, at times, has been the size of his posterior, and the conditioning and injury concerns that came with it. But perhaps the fact he was thrown away carelessly like so many Isaac Redman fumbles will serve as motivation to enter Cincinnati on Monday and act as if he was dumped all over again.

Rage can be an effective weapon. Certainly moreso than silicon-coated hands. Whatever it is, it just seems more like any motivation the Steelers could get out of their ex would only better to serve a team that's likely to struggle, to put it mildly, to run the ball for success in this game.

I'd love to be wrong. I'd love to make up with the Steelers running game, and again call us a couple in public again, much like the team did with Dwyer ("No, baby, your butt doesn't look big in those pants").

There's always the risk of Dwyer returning to the old habits that got him dumped in the first place. But if the Steelers are willing to give it a shot with him, maybe I can give the Steelers running game another shot.


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