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What worries you the most about the Steelers Week 2 game against the Cincinnati Bengals?

Players are one thing, but a road atmosphere with fans who have had an entire day to celebrate the 21st Amendment is another.

Matthew Stockman
This is a climax kind of year for the Bengals.

They've loaded up in the draft, they've taken a few knocks and have been on Hard Knocks. They've signed Steelers to their active roster and signed their stud defensive player to a huge extension.

Those things worry me, but not as much as the primetime environment does.

Road teams typically don't win primetime games. Sure, it happens, but let's look at the Steelers in primetime just last season.

At Denver, loss. At Tennessee, loss. Vs. Kansas City, win.

They did beat this Bengals team at Paul Brown Stadium on Sunday Night Football, playing one of their best games of the year, but that's hardly the norm. How about Sunday Night Football in 2011 against Kansas City? It took a late Keenan Lewis interception of something called Tyler Palko to seal a 13-9 win. How about the requisite Troy Polamalu fumble return score to edge off the horrendous Indianapolis Colts?

They barely competed against San Francisco in The Game Where James Harrison Turned Off The Lights.

Road primetime games are not the most enviable on the schedule, and even facing an outstanding Bengals team, that factor concerns me the most.

What about you?

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