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Reasons the Steelers should be concerned with the Cleveland Browns in Week 6

The Browns are as hot-and-cold a team as any in the league. Their two tough losses were both only a play or two away from victories.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Who are the Cleveland Browns?

Right now, they're a team that couldn't get over the hump against two division rivals. They were tied with Pittsburgh until the final second ticked off the clock. They had the ball with a lead against Baltimore in the fourth quarter. If their offense doesn't stall-out right at the end, they could be 4-0 now.

They also have a defense that couldn't prevent those opposing offenses from getting a last-second field goal to claim victory. The defense was supposed to be the strength of this team but, instead, a dominant offensive line has created plenty of time for a confident and aggressive quarterback to make use of the misdirection his running game creates. Quarterback Brian Hoyer could be the most appreciative passer in the game.

He has one interception this season. That's the same amount of turnovers this offense has. It's a dangerous statistic and also a winning one.

Rookie cornerback Justin Gilbert couldn't have looked worse in his debut, and that's a concern. But can the Steelers expect a repeat of the number of blown tackles and assignments he had? Not after he was benched for an undrafted free agent from his draft class (where he was taken with the eighth overall pick). The Steelers should expect a stronger performance from him, and that's only if injured Joe Haden is unable to play.

One more stop is all that defense needed against Pittsburgh and Baltimore. While the Browns are still coming of age in the NFL, they're going to be a very tough team to beat. Any team capable of running the ball and seemingly incapable of turning it over will have a chance to win in this league. That's why all of their games have been very tight right down to the end (wins over New Orleans and Tennessee were both won late).

It's understandable why the Browns are 2.5-point favorites heading into the game but, at the same time, as unsure of themselves as they are, the reality is the Steelers will see both the dominant team they faced in the second half of Week 1 and the fledgling team they blew the doors off of in the first half. The main issue for the Steelers is going to be protecting the ball and winning the battle of field position.

Like all of Cleveland's games, this will be tight and competitive. These types of games should always be a concern.

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