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Heath Miller has no issues with the city of Cleveland unless it's snowing

Seems like a reasonable issue to have with a northern city but, outside of that, the Steelers' soft-spoken tight end has no beef with his neighbors to the west.

Justin K. Aller

Cleveland's fine, outside of the precipitation, says Steelers tight end Heath Miller. He has no issue with it as long as the weather is fair like it's expected to be Sunday when the Steelers take on the Browns in Cleveland in Week 6.

"I don’t think I have anything against the city of Cleveland," Miller told writer Mike Prisuta. "Although every time we go there it rains or snows, I guess I don’t like that about it. But it’s earlier this year so I think it’s safe to say it won’t snow. We’ll see, though, we’ll see."

Miller is on pace to challenge his team record of 76 catches in a season by a Steelers tight end. He's on pace now to catch 77 passes, after having grabbed 24 in the team's first five games. He set the record in 2009, his first year of two Pro Bowl selections, but he would have broken it in 2012, his best season, when he had 71 catches in 14.5 games, if not for tearing his ACL in Week 16 against the Cincinnati Bengals.

It was wet that day in Pittsburgh, so perhaps Miller has an issue with precipitation in general. It's not as if the climate is drastically different in Pittsburgh anyway. It shouldn't matter to him either way because he has more receiving yards against Cleveland (672) than any other team he's played against in his nine-year NFL career. His 55 catches against the Browns is second only to Baltimore, against whom he has 60 catches and 623 yards.

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Miller has emerged after a down year in 2013, coming back off of the knee injury, to maintain his position on the team as a primary pass catcher. He has been given huge amounts of respect in the red zone, drawing bracketed coverage on nearly every play they've run into the end zone. Last week against Jacksonville, he ran a backline route, drawing three Jaguars defenders to open up the underneath for back-up tight end Michael Palmer to grab his first NFL touchdown.

It's expected to be dry in Cleveland Sunday, so Miller at least has that to look forward to.

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