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Chiefs vs. Steelers: Pittsburgh prepared a game plan for Saturday

The Steelers have a game plan they'll utilize in their preseason game Saturday against the Chiefs.

Rob Carr

Teams don't often prepare game plans in the preseason. That isn't to say they don't have anything established as to what they want to do, but preseason games are typically handled play-to-play, as opposed to the regular season, in which there are certain quotas a team wishes to reach in terms of carries or the frequency of blitzes.

The fact it's the third preseason game - the one in which starters play the longest (one half against the Chiefs, from previous reports) - and due to the Steelers looking disjointed and sloppy in the first two affairs, the Steelers put together a game plan in their preparation to host the Chiefs at 7:30 p.m. ET in Pittsburgh.

How extensive that plan is remains to be seen, but having played the Redskins in D.C. on Monday gave them only two full days of practice, so odds are it's still pretty light. However, it does give a feeling of confidence they'll be more in sync as a group after two poor outings by the first team offense.

The Steelers have yet to score a touchdown with their starters, and now without Le'Veon Bell - the player most likely to be their starter come Week 1, now out with a foot injury - if there was a time to set up a game plan, this game was it.

Look for the Steelers to up the amount of passing attempts than in their previous two games. They've tried desperately to run the ball in the first two games, and while it's worked here and there, it's probably a bit more frequent than they will in the regular season - or at the least they'll take advantage of heavier run calls by mixing in play-action passing.

Kickoff from Heinz Field is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. ET.

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