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Steelers Injury Report: Richardson and Zumwalt among players out vs. Eagles

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Mike Tomlin addressed media Tuesday for his weekly press conference, and provided a full injury report leading up to the Thursday night preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Joe Sargent

Mike Tomlin had his weekly press conference Tuesday, and before answering questions from the media he read the laundry list of injuries the Steelers face heading into their third preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles Thursday night.

Those players that were listed as 'out' for the contest Thursday were: Shaquille Richardson (knee), Jordan Zumwalt (groin), Cody Wallace (finger fracture), Greg Warren (knee), Bryant Browning (shoulder) and Eric Waters (concussion).

For the rookies on that list, missing this third preseason game will be extremely detrimental for their chances of making the team's 53-man roster, especially Richardson and Zumwalt who have only seen, at the most, minimal action in one preseason game. Eric Waters has impressed coaches in training camp and will most likely have to put a great performance on film not only offensively, but within special teams, in the final preseason game to make his case to make the roster.

Players that Tomlin deemed he would "keep the light on for" are: Will Allen, Tauron Poole, Devin Smith and Will Johnson. All are dealing with hamstring injuries that have kept them out of action recently.

The Steelers remain a relatively healthy team heading into the third preseason game, which will take place Thursday at 7:30 p.m. at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.