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Ryan Shazier's week two performance just the tip of the iceburg

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Rookie inside linebacker, Ryan Shazier, burst onto the scene in the second week of preseason action for the Pittsburgh Steelers. For the rookie, the best is yet to come.

Justin K. Aller

Nine defensive tackles, two special teams tackles and an interception.

All in a day's work for the Pittsburgh Steelers' prized first round selection of the 2014 NFL Draft.

Ryan Shazier had an outstanding debut in the NFL against the Buffalo Bills in week two of the preseason, but what fans are failing to realize is the best is yet to come for this rookie from Ohio State.

It will be difficult to match the performance Shazier put on paper last week, but the main factor of improvement is based solely on the fact that Shazier himself admitted he wasn't one hundred percent healthy. Still nursing a bruised knee, Shazier could still play faster than what he did last Saturday night.

As head coach Mike Tomlin pointed out in his weekly press conference when asked about Shazier's performance, it wasn't perfect. He had a missed tackle that nearly led to a third down conversion for the Bills, but other than that his performance was pretty stellar.

Shazier talked of being nervous and unsure of himself on the field in a NFL stadium, but those nerves will calm and eventually he will become comfortable not only in a Steelers' jersey, but also on the big stage that is playing inside linebacker in the NFL.

Shazier has the physical and mental tools to make him part of one of the best inside linebacker tandems in the league alongside Lawrence Timmons, and there is no doubt that fans should expect explosive plays from this rookie for years to come in the Steel City.

Tonight, Shazier's assignment will be chasing down Philadelphia Eagles' running back LeSean McCoy. Not an easy task, but one that I'm sure Shazier is up for.

When it comes to Shazier's performance "ceiling", the sky is the limit.