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Steelers fantasy football: Value of Antonio Brown is rising

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It was an otherwise forgettable game for the Steelers on both sides of the ball but Antonio Brown is continuing to show his value as a Fantasy receiver.

Al Bello

Nothing else was really working offensively. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger had connected with Antonio Brown a few times, and the pair looked as good in doing so as they usually do. But the best throw Roethlisberger made all night, in the team's 31-21 loss to Philadelphia, was a 27-yard strike to tight end Heath Miller.

It was Miller's first touchdown this preseason and the second touchdown pass thrown by Roethlisberger that was caught in the end zone.

Brown's value in terms of Fantasy should continue to rise as we head into the final week of the preseason. But Miller added an element that was all but non-existent last season; a deeper route complete with an end zone throw. Previously, Miller only saw chances to score when the team was inside the 10-yard line.

Still, the main concern is it came on an Eagles second-string safety, and Miller still didn't look as fast as he has in the past. While word on any potential suspension for Steelers running backs Le'Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount is still under wraps, the Steelers may have to expand their passing game a bit in the event either player or both is suspended.

That may lead to an increase in targets for Miller. It will definitely lead to more for Brown, who looks to reach the 160-target range again this season.

After a solid performance through two games, Markus Wheaton took a step backward Thursday, appearing to be off the page Roethlisberger was on in multiple situations. Wheaton had one catch on five targets in the loss.