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Watch Antonio Brown's sideline catch in win over Falcons

A ridiculous blend of athleticism and awareness, Steelers WR Antonio Brown adds yet another clip to his impressive highlight reel.

Pittsburgh Jagoff

Nod to Pittsburgh Jagoff for the Vine

There are running comments regarding the style of play of Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown - even the broadcasters mentioned it during the Steelers' 27-20 win over the Atlanta Falcons in Week 15 said it. It goes something to the effect that Brown plays like a running back when he gets the ball in his hands.

With all due respect to running backs - up to and including the best pass-catching running back in the NFL, Pittsburgh's Le'Veon Bell - no running back is making this catch.

Brown is as precise and fluid a receiver as there is in the game, and he's noted for his voracious work appetite. But he often doesn't get enough credit for his athleticism, which is what he displays here. He has to look from right to left to identify the ball in the air, turn around, secure the catch and still not only have the presence of mind to take his back foot on the turf, but to actually do it despite all of his momentum leaning forward.

That's probably more Sports Science than is needed to hammer home the point that this is a phenomenal catch, and it's only one of dozens like it for Brown this season.

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