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Which Jacksonville Jaguars player would you take on the Steelers roster?

The Jaguars aren't exactly cursed with an abundance of talent, but there are some players who would fit in quite nicely in Pittsburgh.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

There aren't any polite ways of saying a team really doesn't have much talent. Some just don't.

Top to bottom, that's probably the biggest challenge facing Jaguars coach Gus Bradley. Still, there are individuals who play the game well, even if the sum of the team's parts makes up more than its whole. The options provided by those individuals just may not be as plentiful as they are on other teams.

See what I did there?

I was a big fan of Red Bryant in Seattle and quietly hoped against hope the Steelers would make a play for him in free agency this past off-season. He reunited with his former Seahawks coordinator in Jacksonville and is working to bring a defenseless Jaguars team out of the abyss. No such luck so far, but he's a quality defensive lineman. Same could be said for the inconsistent-yet-tantalizing Sen'Derrick Marks. After seeing the Steelers' 3-4 defense washed away so much lately, maybe it's just latent hope for some outstanding 3-technique play, but I could find ways to get Marks and Bryant on the field.

Maybe not Ziggy Hood so much, though. It doesn't appear the change of scenery has really helped him all that much.

Free safety John Cyprien is a guy we really liked leading into the 2013 NFL Draft, but he was scooped up by the Jags before the Steelers had a chance to consider him in the second round. The Steelers are no doubt happy with who they selected in the spot that year (Le'Veon Bell), but Cyprien has grown in Bradley's defense over the last year plus four games, and it looks like he's over a rough start to his career and maybe onto some high level play.

Offensively, the Jaguars have invested heavily their offensive line, nabbing offensive tackle Luke Joeckel with the second overall pick in 2013. That investment hasn't really paid dividends yet, but all young offensive tackles struggle, whether it's in year 1 or year 2 (or both, like first overall pick that year, Eric Fisher). He's hasn't gotten worse as a player, and he'll be seeing better days. Odds are extremely good Joeckel would be the Steelers' starting left tackle, should Jacksonville feel the need to trade him to Pittsburgh (interest seems unlikely in that deal).

The Jaguars spent the third overall pick in this past draft on their future quarterback, Blake Bortles. He played a solid game in their recent loss to San Diego and showed Jags fans there's plenty of reason to be excited about his future. That was his first start; I don't care how far down the field the ball is traveling, completing 29 of 37 passes is impressive, especially against a tough Chargers defense. He's a concern in this game.

Whether the Jaguars are capable of winning more than six games in their next two seasons isn't the issue here. It's a matter of the franchise building a foundation of core players. It appears they're trying to do just that.

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