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The Standard is The Standard Week 6: Steelers vs. Jets

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Neal Coolong and Lance Williams break down the Jets, the multitude of recent Steelers roster moves, and what to make of GM Kevin Colbert going to watch a Louisville game - and presumably highly touted QB prospect Teddy Bridgewater.


BTSC managing editor Neal Coolong and Steel Curtain Radio host Lance Williams met up to discuss the Steelers' Week 6 game against the Jets.

They even managed to rate Lance's prom date - for some reason.

The Steelers had an active week in terms of roster moves, and the Jets present a few interesting challenges. They discuss all of that and more, so listen in, leave a comment or two.

The Steelers are three-point underdogs at the Jets. Kickoff is set for 1 p.m. ET from MetLife Stadium.

The Standard is The Standard - Episode 5

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