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Jets vs. Steelers odds: New York favored Sunday after beating Atlanta

Apparently beating the underachieving Falcons was enough to swing the spread in Sunday's game in the Jets favor.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

The Steelers aren't likely to care what the line for Sunday's game is, but several million other people and their bookies probably do.

The Jets managed to beat the Falcons despite being 9.5-point underdogs. Geno Smith was efficient and the defense was able to hold off Matt Ryan and the Atlanta offense just enough to win.

"We were thinking Jets last night after the game," SuperBook assistant manager Ed Salmons told The Linemakers on Sporting News yesterday. "The Jets are one of those teams where every time you start to think they’re going to be really bad and start to turn the ball over ... then you watch the first half last night, which was one of the best halves I’ve seen the Jets play in a long time. They have a decent defense, and Geno Smith looked good on that last drive – although it's hard to tell if it was him or that terrible Atlanta defense."

The Jets are three-point favorites heading into Sunday, with that number likely to change as the week progresses.

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