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Steelers vs. Packers: Aaron Rodgers still not cleared to play

Whether it's just Green Bay playing possum, their injured quarterback did not fully practice Wednesday as the team started its week of preparation for the Steelers.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Not that it would make much difference for the Steelers, but Aaron Rodgers didn't practice Wednesday, holding off confirmation that he will make his first start in the Packers' last seven games Sunday against the Steelers.

The Steelers can't afford to not prepare for Rodgers.

Rodgers last saw the Steelers walking to the locker room as he and his teammates celebrated their victory in Super Bowl XLV, and, just like he did to the Steelers that day, he's torn apart the league ever since. The Packers have managed to keep themselves in a viable playoff hunt without Rodgers, but clearly, it's not the same team when Matt Flynn or QB Du Jour is in the game.

So whether Rodgers is capable of playing on limited practices throughout the week, or the Packers plan to unveil the announcement of his return to the field in Week 16 at a later time, Pittsburgh may as well prepare as if Rodgers will be out there. That in and of itself is enough to make it a very long week for the Steelers' defense.