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Steelers were preparing for Aaron Rodgers to return this week

They almost seem disappointed with the fact he won't be, but that didn't change the way they prepared this week, said one player.

Doug Pensinger

In the grand scheme of things, it's probably better for the Steelers to face Matt Flynn Sunday, and not Aaron Rodgers.

In Cortez Allen's heart of hearts, that may be what he's thinking. It's just not what he's saying.

According to Tribune-Review reporter Ralph N. Paulk, Allen was excited for the challenge of facing him.

"It's exciting to be able to go against a quarterback of that caliber," Allen said, according to Paulk.

Instead, Flynn will get the nod, trying to gut the Packers into the postseason. He's led two consecutive Packers victories, including a 37-36 comeback win over the Cowboys in Week 15.

Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons summarized Flynn pretty well, all things considered.

"(Flynn) isn't as mobile as Rodgers, but he has a strong arm," Timmons said. "He might be somewhat limited, but he looked like a starting quarterback against Dallas."

Translation, he ain't no Rodgers, but he's capable of having success.

That makes him a dangerous player, even if the most dangerous is on the bench. The Packers have struggled for a while to adjust to life without Rodgers (or wide receiver Randall Cobb or tight end JerMichael Finley), but they may have found a system that works in the second half against the Cowboys.