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Which Raiders player would you want on the Steelers?

It's not the richest cupboard we've seen all year, but this team could be a lot worse, too.


The Raiders aren't reputed for their high-level drafting prowess. Because of that, it's not entirely unfair to suggest the cupboards are a bit bare in Oakland.

If you're a Pro Football Focus guy, you can see defensive end LaMarr Houston is a pretty big impact kind of player. He has nearly as many QB hits (nine) than the Steelers do combined (15).

Linebacker Sio Moore has been an intriguing prospect since his days at Connecticut. Maybe he's a decent choice.

Some might argue in favor for Pittsburgh area product (although not from Pittsburgh proper) Terrelle Pryor. Apparently he already told Steelers coach Mike Tomlin not to draft him, so he's probably not a good choice. Scratch running back Darren McFadden too; the Steelers already have an Arkansas running back who sees the field once every three games.

There's not a ton on this team that really makes one feel overly confident in the Raiders' chances to field a quality team, but yet, they play better than the sum of their parts. If players like D.J. Hayden and Melenik Watson pan out (Hayden is struggling a bit and Watson hasn't seen the field yet), maybe there's something of a base here in Oakland.

Or, maybe we'll have a better idea of who it should be after Sunday.

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