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The Standard is The Standard: Steelers pregame podcast episode 7

Neal Coolong and Lance Williams break down the Steelers' Week 7 game at the Oakland Raiders in this week's episode of The Standard is The Standard.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

The Steelers head to Lance's hometown to take on age-old rivals Sunday. The Oakland Raiders present a few challenges to the Steelers - but none more than the dilapidated conditions of Stadium - pronounce the "dot" in the name, please.

It's the same place as one of the more frustrating meltdowns the Steelers had in the 2013 season. The Raiders pulled off a dramatic comeback, as their defense made the plays at the end the Steelers could not.

Will it be the same kind of thing this time around? Lance and Neal dig into that and more on this week's The Standard is The Standard.

Click on the link below to listen.

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