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Texans vs. Steelers first half open thread

The Steelers take on the Houston Texans on ESPN's Monday Night Football in Week 7, and you can chat among Steelers fans here on BTSC.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

How much will we learn about the 2014 Pittsburgh Steelers in their first home prime-time game this season? Are they the powerful and explosive team we saw in the first half of Week 1 and all of Week 3, or are they the team we saw mostly for the rest of the season to date? They're going to have to answer that question, and with starters being benched and rookies being activated, everyone associated with the team should stand up and take notice.

This is the Steelers' seventh game this season and time is starting to become more critical. The defense hasn't progressed as much as many had expected and a slumping offense has managed to find ways to gut out three wins.

Please remember, this is a respectful place. Air your grievances, vent your frustrations but please do so respectfully when it comes to dealing with others.

Tune into Steelers Final Score after the game for a live call-in and discussion show surrounding the game. Hosts Jeff Hartman and Neal Coolong will take your calls and go over the game late-night if you're still up, so call in, 347-850-8581.