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Steelers vs. Titans: Getting offensive buy-in crucial for Steelers

The Steelers had a new offensive coordinator in 2012, and much was made out of "Todd Haley's offense." It's now "the Steelers' offense," and what they do with it is on them.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Jerricho Cotchery, the Steelers veteran wide receiver, hit home an important point in an interview with Tribune Review reporter Alan Robinson in Tuesday's edition.

The Steelers' offense is no longer a new thing. They no longer have an offensive coordinator in his first season with the team.

It's no longer Todd Haley's offense; it's the Pittsburgh Steelers' offense.

Whether it's a running-back-by-committee as well as a tight-end-by-committee, or any other rotational system of players, it's the team's offense. Win or live, thrive or die, it's their offense. And when the Titans come to town for the regular season opener Sunday, it'd be a big plus to leverage the continuity they'll have, because it's one of the few aspects of the offense they can rely on this season.

Clearly, there's a bit of a shift in the running game; a new offensive line coach led to a new scheme which has led to a new (but not really) starting running back (for now). Isaac Redman looks to get the start against Tennessee, the first game after a season in which Redman carried 10 or more times in just four of 14 games, and the Steelers' rushing attack sunk to dismal levels.

It's his offense now.

Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders will line up without WR Mike Wallace for the first time in their respective careers; once battling each other for a game day helmet, they'll both be counted on to produce plays down the field.

Those plays will come in their offense.

Achieving buy-in is one of the most important aspects of any group working together toward a collective goal. The sooner the Steelers offense can see it as their offense - and not Todd Haley's - the better they will become.

The preseason is over. The regular season is underway.

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