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The Standard is The Standard - first episode of new Steelers podcast

The Steelers are taking on the Tennessee Titans in Week 1, and Neal Coolong and Lance Williams are talking about the game, as well as the league opener Thursday between Baltimore and Denver.

Cliff Hawkins

BTSC editor Neal Coolong and former Steel Curtain Radio host Lance Williams met recently to put their thoughts on the upcoming Steelers/Titans game, the Ravens/Broncos league-opener and a bunch of other football-related stuff down on tape.

They'll be doing this before games this season, and will soon be taking guests, questions and have a much larger interactive platform.

The Standard is The Standard - going behind the steel curtain (get it?) to talk Steelers football. Click here to listen:

The Standard is The Standard - Episode 1

For now, we're running this before the Thursday Night opener in an effort to get some discussion going about the Steelers, even amid having to watch to AFC rivals, including the defending champions, kick off the start to the season.

Give it a listen, sound off on what you think. Also, if you have original music or are able to produce any, hit them up in the comments here, they're able to provide a platform for your art and you can help be a part of the show.