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Which Tennessee Titans player should concern the Pittsburgh Steelers the most?

Running back Chris Johnson likely heads the list of players the Steelers should worry about in their Week 1 match-up with the Tennessee Titans.

Grant Halverson

Titans safety Bernard Pollard sure talks a lot.

For a guy who's played on four teams in eight seasons, you'd think after a while he'd figure out his coaches eventually don't seem to like him. Maybe that's because he talks, maybe not. It may have something to do with his inadequate coverage skills.

Bernard Pollard doesn't concern me heading into the Steelers' Week 1 game. Maybe his violent hitting does a bit, but he's a fairly one-dimensional player.

The guy who concerns me, and likely most of everyone else, is Titans running back Chris Johnson.

The Steelers have traditionally held Johnson in check - five games, 80 carries, 302 yards, 3.9 per carry, two touchdowns). He had 91 yards on 19 carries last year, by far his best game against Pittsburgh.

The thing with him is the danger he brings. Any defense must remain disciplined at all times in order to prevent the electric Johnson from breaking one from any distance on the field.

He presents match-up issues against most players in coverage, and with safeties needing to peak into the backfield when he's on the field, he can create serious problems for a defense.

Pollard will continue to talk, because Pollard talks. Johnson may do more than just talk, though.

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