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Antonio Brown's "A Day in the Life" segment oddly funny

There are some seemingly unintentionally funny moments in the six-minute clip following Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown around for a supposedly average day in his life.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

It's Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown and his dirt bike. It's unclear what else it is, exactly, but it's sort of entertaining.

Brown's "A Day in the Life" segment, produced by Steelers TV (uploaded to YouTube by Desmond Brown, Antonio's brother), doesn't appear to have any delusions of over-excitement or intrigue, but does leave the viewer with some seemingly unintentionally funny moments (like his barber with a head lamp on, his "Call My Agent" t-shirt and Brown wearing Timberland boots while walking his bike off the street after running out of gas).

"I take my bike out, definitely get some adrenaline going," Brown says with a boyish smile on his face. "I get on it, and it provides me that spark, that excitement."

The bike, decked out in neon green sporting his number 84 in the front, is straight out of the X-Games. While Brown doesn't provide any similarly exciting jumps or flips, he does crank the low-power engine of the machine, bringing back memories of John Connor fleeing the T-X in Terminator 2.

In fact, later in the video, Brown announces he purchased for his brother a 2010 Jeep Wrangler - that and the dirt bike leads one to believe it's the beginning of a 1980s movie starring James Spader, but all they seem to be doing is eating takeout and watching basketball.