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Steelers Dri Archer predicts Madden speed rating of 99

If he's wrong, he won't be off by much after having set fire to the field at the NFL Combine after his 4.26 40. The Steelers' third round pick spoke with SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein on Madden ratings and other important racing Dan.

Steelers rookie running back/wide receiver Dri Archer is well-aware of his speed.

He's so fast, in fact, he's looking to enter sacred territory - 99 or better speed grades in the popular EA Sports video game series Madden Football.

He spoke with SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein at the NFL Rookie Premiere in Los Angeles, discussing his speed rating (he predicted 99), his overall rating ("probably somewhere in the 70s") and was quick to respond affirmatively to Rubenstein's challenge of a foot race.

While Archer may be able to make it there and back before Rubenstein would finish, the two spoke in less competitive tones about how Archer is understanding the Steelers' playbook so far, how he likes the city of Pittsburgh and his favorite animal.

That's probably not too hard to guess.

Archer is expected to sign his first NFL contract shortly, as he and Stephon Tuitt - the team's second round pick - are the only remaining rookies unsigned.